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Huntleigh Mini dopplex® D900 includes 1 Transducer

Huntleigh Mini dopplex® D900 includes 1 Transducer
Item# huntleigh-mini-dopplex-d900

Product Description

Huntleigh Mini dopplex® D900 includes 1 Transducer
The Mini Dopplex is a non-directional, low-cost pocket unit providing all the standard features of traditional, audio-only, blood flow Doppler.

As one of the family of advanced Dopplex units, it benefits from the same leading technology and manufacturing techniques used in the more sophisticated models to provide the same level of quality, reliability and performance.

Intended primarily for vascular use, Mini Dopplex can be used with the widest range of both vascular and obstetric probes for cost-effective examinations. When configured with the EZ8 wide-beam probe (pictured left), it's an ideal choice for vascular assessments and Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) measurements.

The Mini Dopplex is ideal for basic assessments in the hospital, physician office or home care setting.

Huntleigh Healthcare's Mini Dopplex D900 features:

* Range of six probe options with probe coding

* Built in loudspeaker & output for headphones

* Auto shut off & active noise reduction

* Obstetric capability (audio only)

* Battery Life: 250 x 1 minute examinations

* Supplied with the following accessories:

-Stereo headphones, Gel, neck cord, soft carry pouch and user manual


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