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t3200 ultrasound system mobile cart

t3200 ultrasound system mobile cart
Item# t3200-ultrasound-system-mobile-3200

Product Description

The t3200 ultrasound system cart uses over $100K of pre-engineered, pre-tooled components to offer a higher level of fit and finish.

Physical Specifications:

  • Height: 28.8 40.7
  • Width: 20
  • Depth: 23.5
  • Product weight: 75lbs

Height Adjustment -All height adjustment is not created equal. The feel of the adjustment smoothness, precision and reliability are critical to perception and field performance. This Cart has the best height adjustment on the market.

Work Surface - is designed to accommodate the Terason System and its users. The rounded edges of the surface provide a softer look and feel. A "lock port" is provided on the device mount at the rear of the work surface.


Probe Holders - there is one active and three storage probe holders designed to hold both probe and probe connector.

Storage - integrated "general use" bin is included for accessory storage.

Printer Shelf (Optional) - Optional printer shelf is conveniently located in the front of the cart for quick and easy access to printouts.

AC Adapter & Cable Management - AC adapter home is located to be accessible yet out of the way.  Cable management hooks provide easy and adaptable management of cables during use, transport and storage.

Toe-Kick Space - the compact base allows for "toe-kick" space as the cart and system are being transported (i.e., a user's foot does not kick the base during transport).

Casters - high quality wheels were chosen to give the cart a furniture-like feel.

Stability/Safety - meets the IEC 10 degree static tilt requirement, providing a safe, reliable product.

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